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A List of the Most Trusted PTC Sites | Compare and Review the Best Get Paid To Click (Best PTC Sites)

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Best PTC Sites Review. What is a PTC Site?

PTC sites are in long terms Paid To Click sites where you can join by signing up for free & get paid for viewing or clicking on ads. How much you get paid depends on the terms set by the company. Some pay as little as $0.02 and others pay more or less. You can make hundreds monthly by simply clicking on ads.

The best PTC sites or Paid To Click websites pay you to simply click on ads, complete offers, play games, shop online, take surveys, and more. There are millions of people in the world who are very dependent on PTC sites or Paid to click websites to make a lots of money.

Legit and most RECOMMENDED PTC SITES. Top Rated Paid To Click Sites


PTC Sites Rating

TOP 10 PTC Sites REVIEWS AND Earn money from the ONLINE PROGRAMS!

TrafficSec Review Special Features:

Join PTC and Start to earn up to 145% share revenue and 10% referral commission

  • $1000 Max Cash Withdraw per Day
  • 50% From Referral Clicks and earnings
  • 10% Affiliate commission Program
  • PTC Review Stars

    Traffic Sec is One of the Best and Most Recommended PTC sites in 2016

    Revenue sharing up to 145% is an excellent way to make Money Online. 10% referral commissions program is a great incentive. $1000 Max Cashout per Day is one of the best daily pay allowed by may PTC sites

    Eden Traffic Review

    Eden Traffic Special Features:

    AdPacks with Revenue Sharing plus 10% Affiliate Program

  • Fast High Quality Traffic Delivery
  • Providing Low Cost Ad Services
  • 100% From Referral Clicks
  • 10% Affiliate Program
  • Unlimited Referrals
  • Technical Support Contact Portal
  • PTC Review Stars

    Based on our Review, Eden Traffic is One of the Top 10 and Most Trusted PTC sites in 2016
    Traffic Monsoon Review

    Traffic Monsoon Revenue Share Special Features:

    Join PTC and revenue Share Progrm and start earning up To $55 and 10% referral commission

  • No upgrade needed to make money with Traffic Monosoon
  • All You have to do is click on 10 ads everyday
  • Traffic Monsoon also has a very well established Technical Support Contact Portal with phone numbers.
  • Adpacks are only $50 per AdPack if you want to get in the Traffic Monsoon revenue share program.
  • PTC Review Stars

    Join PTC and revenue Share Program and start earning up To $55 and 10% referral commission
    BuxVertise Review

    BuxVertise PTC site Special Features:

    Buxvertise helps you make money by viewing advertisements, completing online offers, completing special surveys, playing online games and more.

  • You can Earn up to $0.01 per referral click with Buxvertise
  • You can spin the wheel and earn points and prizes every 24 hours
  • You can rent referrals but this is not really recommended
  • With BuxVertise, you will benefit from having three membership to choose from
  • PTC Review Stars

    Join PTC and start earning money at home or online from referral earnings and paid per click earnings

    NeoBux Review PTC site Special Features and Benefits: is one of the oldest PTC Sites or Paid-to-Click Services

  • Benefit from making up to $0.02 per referral click with NeoBux
  • Earn up to $0.01 per referral click with NeoBux
  • NeoBux Payments are at a minimum of $2 and can be achieved quickly
  • NeoBux is a free worldwide service available in a multi-language environment
  • NeoBux only pays for referrals that have clicked at least 11 advertisements in the past 5 days
  • using AutoPay:
    You can activate AutoPay to extend your referrals’ next payment date
  • PTC Review Stars

    NeoBux is truly one of the best and trusted ptc sites in Paid-to-Click advertising programs and services.

    ClixSense Review Special Features and PTC site Benefits: is a safe and trusted paying site and has been since 2007. We definitely recommend joining and try them the PTC company out

  • Get Paid-to-Click Ads
  • Get Paid to Grab Free Offers
  • get Paid for Playing ClixGrid
  • With ClixSense, you will make money by participating in Paid Surveys
  • Earn Money for Shopping Online
  • Earn Big Money for Referring Others
  • Get Started for free but you can purchase a membership for just under $20 per year if you choose to do so
  • PTC Review Stars

    ClixSense will pay you to take real surveys from market research companies. Clixsense is not a Scam but a Legit making money online business opportunity for all who wish to join.

    Earn up to $0.02 per Click, make up to $0.01 per referral clicks, Minimum payouts of $2


    USREVSHARE IS A PTC Opportunity to Multiply Your Earnings.

    Below are some Questions and Answers abour UsRevShare. Compare it to other top PTC Sites for a better decision
    Is free to join?
    Yes. USRevShare is absolutely free to join.
    Can I have multiple account?
    No! Only one account is allowed Per Person. Any person try to create multiple acount. All his/her Account and Earning will be terminated.
    Do I need to recruit to earn?
    No. However, If you do recruit it will speed up your earning as we offer a generous 20% referral commisions(1 Level) on Ad Pack purchases.
    How Your Profits Sharing Works?
    We share profits(excluding 20% that is paid as refferal commision) from every AdPack Sales, with all members who have an Active Adpack that come with up to 1,000 Directory Listing and 100,000 Ad Credits (California Pack). We do not gurantee any profits or speed of earning from profit sharing.
    Do I need to view ads to earn?
    NO.100% Passive, aslong you have active AdPack every 1 HOUR (New Adpack purchases may take several hours to reflect on account) your account will be credited from the revenue sharing pool(if any).
    We highly recomended ALL members to view our PTC( If Available) ads as you will get paid for every ads you view, FREE members could use this advantage to go advance in the program.

    PTC Review Stars

    What is about? is an advertising site. We work on bringing High Quality traffic to your website or/and affiliate program, and we also offer a opportunity for you to make money with us through our revenue sharing plans and Viewing our Advertiser Ads.

    AdCumulo Review


    PTC Review Stars

    For a Limited Time Only, Join AdCumulo and Receive $10 free just for signing up.

    My Binary Profits Review

    My Binary Profits is another excellent ptc site but most people don’t know about it. Read more Review online to know more about it or simply visit the website.

    PTC Review Stars

  • $5.00 Ad Package – 500 Guaranteed Visitors / Unlimited Banner Credits, or $10.00 Ad Package – 1000 Guaranteed Visitors / Unlimited Banner Credits, or $50.00 Ad Package – 5000 Guaranteed Visitors / Unlimited Banner Credit.
  • Paidverts Review

    How Do you Make Money with PaidVerts?

    PaidVerts pays you to interact with advertisers, Refer friends to earn 10% of every ad purchase and 5% of every ad they get paid to view!

    PTC Review Stars

    10% Ref Commission, 5% Referral Clicks.

    How To Find The Best Revenue Sharing PTC Sites With and Without Adpacks

    These Days, Everyone is looking and searching for high paying PTC sites. There are many factors that you need to know before choosing a revenue sharing PTC Sites. First, do your research and find out if the website is not a scam. Note that there is a list of many PTC scams around many new Paid To Click (PTC) websites. Don’t get scammed. Second, You have to know how much you will earn from referrals and other purchases. Third, ask or find out if there will be a membership fee and how much. Forth, you need to find out the total cost of an adpack so you understand how much you need to invest in order to make money. Fifth, find out what payment types that the PTC program uses. Many recommended PTC sites accept PayPal, Payza, SolidTrust, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer and many others but those are the most popular accepted payment types. Last but not least, you need to understand what it is that you will be doing to successfully make a good amount of money.

    How To Make Money With PTC Websites

    When it comes to making money online with Paid To Click sites, it is important to join the right PTC program. Finding the best and highest paying PTC web sites can be a major challenge. Some sites will require you to read or click on a certain amount of clicks every day or every 24 hours. Some will pay you very little to simply click on ads. The best PTC Sites such as our top 3 on the table pay you by revenue share. In other words you can buy $50 worth of adpacks and earn up to 150% back. The more adpacks you buy, the more money you put in your pocket. It gets better when you refer your friends because you can make up to 50% of what your referrals spend depending on the PTC program that you decide to join.

    You can use our top 10 PTC Review to compare our list of the best ptc sites with high Revenue pay.Compare best recommended ptc sites with rented referrals and wisely choose the best from our top 10 trusted ptc sites. The highest paying ptc sites in 2015 and 2016 on our list include,, and You can Join Either of these PTC sites by following the top three PTC Companies on our Table of the top ptc sites that really pay above.

    1. Traffic Monsoon

    Traffic Monsoon Cost of AdPacks? How Many Ads Per Day at Do I Have To View Traffic Monsoon? Is there an earning strategy at Traffic Monsoon How Much Can I earn Per Referral at Traffic Monsoon?

    How do I contact Traffic Monsoon? When did Traffic Monsoon start and by whom? What payment methods does Traffic Monsoon use? Can anyone join TrafficMonsoon to earn a revenue share proffit?
    Each AdPack costs $50 You must Read 10 ads a day to stay active at $1.00 => 50 visitors = $0.02 per click. $0.01 goes to clicker plus every $50 turns into $55. With TrafficMonsoon, You earn 10% commission for anyone you refer Traffic Monsoon Phone Number and Contact Information: +1-877-644-6714, +44-808-238-7548 (Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Time) Charles Scoville launched Traffic Monsoon in October 2014. Traffic Monsoon uses the following paymet methods: Payza and Solid Trust Pay. Traffic Monsoon is one of the top trusted and most recommended PTC site for anyone who wants to make Money Online with a very easy start.

    Other Special Revenue Share Features From
    Traffic Monsoon

    Traffic Monsoon offers 10% affiliate program, and a share revenue of up to $55 per share.

    More about


    Traffic Monsoon is not a hyip, ponzi, pyramid scheme, or illegal. Traffic Monsoon PTC business has been tested and trusted by many who have earned thousands of dollars. has been one of the Top 10 best PTC Earning Sites. Join and start earning money from home Today. TrafficMonsoon is a revenue sharing and advertising company which is owned by Charles Scoville. Since TrafficMonsoon is an advertising business, you can definitely make money by using its advertising services. Advertise while making money at the same time.